Advertorial Campaigns

Position your pre-assembled content on authentic 50+ blogs: Bloggers integrate your content as-is.

Target bloggers based on Alexa, Google PageRank, monthly visitors & categories.

Content may contain title, text, links, images and videos.

Distribute the content among independent blog posts and let bloggers to share on various social media platforms.

Receive traffic performance statistics on daily, weekly and monthly basis per campaign.


Unique Content Creation Campaigns

Define your guidelines and let bloggers create individual content according to your requirements.

Export content to various formats such as Word, XML or WordPress.

Chat with bloggers to request revisions on their content through our interface.

Decide if you want them to publish your content on their blogs or keep the content for yourself to use elsewhere.

Boost your SEO with unique content and get daily, weekly and monthly statistics of each blog post.


Social Media Campaigns

Let bloggers to integrate their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to build social media campaigns.

Target social media accounts based on your preferences such as number of followers, number of likes, or previous social media performances.

Define your guidelines and watch bloggers to post your message on social platforms.

Get social media performance statistics such as number of tweets, likes & shares.


Display Campaigns

Provide bloggers with widgets that contain various ad dimensions such as 300×250, 468×60, 728×90.

Create campaigns on Google DFP and target these dimensions to run ads on thousands of blogs instantaneously.

Control your campaigns through Google DFP interface. Add/change creatives in seconds. Bloggers do not need to change anything on their website.

Distribute blogger earnings of each campaign via PayPal or other payment methods.