Boomads is the largest social media and content marketing platform having presence in five markets. It connects advertisers with Europe’s largest publishing houses and bloggers.

What We Offer

magnify Improved search engine visibility stats Long lasting effects rss Increased reach for your brand
chat Effective Word-of-mouth marketing world Highly engaging environment for your content community Access to a young and dynamic audience
notes New & unique content for your brand pie Detailed post-campaign reporting diagram Scalable campaigns with hundreds of bloggers



advertorial Advertorial Campaigns: Allows you to distribute your content thousands of blogs in one click. You can pick categories which are more relevant to you & ask bloggers to publish it for a certain amount of time.
seo Content Creation: Request SEO friendly unique content for your brand from top bloggers in your network. You can export these content for your own use or ask bloggers to publish them on their own blogs.
distribution Social Media Campaigns: Get your brand noticed by distributing your messages to millions of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter users. You can create social media messages in anyway you want and target social media accounts that are relevant to the categories of its targeted audience.
analytics Advanced Statistics: Get traffic performance on daily, weekly and monthly basis per campaign. You can also get social media stats such as how many shares, likes or retweets your campaigns have received.
monetize Display Banners: Display banners on thousands of blogs using Google Doubleclick For Publishers in one click. Boomads seamlessly integrate with Google DFP and allows you to monetize blogs in your network.
contentaggregator Content Aggregator: Get fully customize-able content aggregator for your brand. Each Boomads network has its own content aggregator, which is dynamically feeded by the contents generated by your bloggers in your network.